Promotional Items

How can promotional items from DAT help my business?

Promotional products are intractable items with an advertiser's name, logo, and/or message printed in some form or fashion that are designed to increase brand awareness among patrons. Promotional products are an increasingly popular marketing tool since they allow a brand to connect with consumers who can interact with their brand on a physical and memorable level, creating a unique brand experience.

According to a 2016 Ad Impressions Study performed by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the following word cloud illustrates the responses of 2,000 people who were asked the following question: 

“When you receive a promotional product, how do you feel about the company that gave it to you?”
The same study performed by ASI also found that most people keep promotional products for an average of eight months or longer- depending on the item (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2016). That means your company's brand is exposed to someone longer than a simple PPC ad or pop-up on a website. 

When it comes to consumers remembering your company and their offerings, ASI also found that 85% of consumers remembered advertisers who gave them a wearable promotional item. Need more proof of why promotional product are essential to a business' marketing efforts? A separate study by Identity Works showed that 71% of tradeshow attendees remembered the name of the company that provided them with a promotional product, with 76% of attendees having a favorable attitude, and a likelihood to do business with that company.
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