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How can DAT help my business with printed materials?

Printed marketing materials are physical reminders for prospective customers that your company exists. When your customer gets a printed advertisement, business card, or brochure from you, they experience a physical exposure to your company, which is a vital layer of customer exposure. Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, print media is still a significantly important part of the marketing mix. Investing in printed media can help businesses extend their reach to clients and customers, gain exposure, and engage the intended audiences with campaigns. In a study performed by the International Journal of Communication (IJoC), print media continues to cater to important consumer needs in the marketing and advertising realm, such as increased time spent and attention given to materials, increased quality in absorption of information, satisfaction of desired tangible interactions with materials, and consistent loyalty/ preference to traditional media (International Journal of Communication, 2015).

The synergy between generations and their reliance on information makes for an interesting study. We’re learning that people aren’t just moving from one channel to another to replace it, they instead are migrating and integrating lots of different channels to seek media. It is important to consider materials are created to be easily convertible and formattable to the medium they are presented. A study in OR Insightreveals that synergy and flexibility between print and digital assets and materials is complementary, and positively impacts rate of promotional exposure (Freeman & Graham, 2012). 

DAT Promotional Marketing has extensive connections to printing assets across the country, and can provide affordable pricing on quality printing services. The variety of printed marketing materials we can provide is as large as your imagination. You name it, we can probably print it. If you need help getting these materials designed, our team of graphic designers are equipped to create stunning materials that your prospective clients will never forget. Whether you have materials ready to print, or need help developing them, or both, we can help!
Check out some products our clients have had us design and print for their businesses! 
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