Brand Identity and Design

What can DAT do to establish a brand identity for my business?

When a business creates a brand identity for themselves, they're essentially applying brand values to all visual and intractable elements used to promote their business. Brand identity is more than just a logo, it consists of a variety of uniform marketing materials, such as:
• letterheads
• signage
• product packaging
• business cards
• and much more!

Brand identity also allows businesses to create a consistent style and message to their marketing materials to gain the trust of prospective clients and customers. In fact, according to a study done by Lucidpress , consistent presentation of a brand increases that brand's revenue by 33% (Lucidpress, 2019). Creating a brand identity also creates authenticity and awareness, and if companies want to have a connection with their audiences, consumers believe businesses need to "get real". In a study done by Stackla86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support (Stackla, 2019). An effective brand identity can help to build and maintain customer loyalty in a brand, since it allows customers to make a connection between a product and the company. 

Uniquely DAT's team focuses on the creation side of brand identity and design development; you come to us with a concept, passion, and plan, and we can make these things come to life visually. Our print and digital designers have the expertise to help any business add a unique visual flair, personality, and genuine trust so that you stand out amongst the competition!
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